This and That: Halifax Edition

On Saturday, we were really feeling the two consecutive nights of burgers (more on that in my Halifax Burger Week blog post coming later this week). So Nick and I decided to take a long stroll through Halifax to explore and check out… well, everything.

We started in the north end, which is quickly becoming one of my favourite parts of Halifax. There are so many cute shops, restaurants and fun things to look at. This weekend, Nick and I are moving into an apartment downtown, but thankfully Halifax is a very walkable city, as I know we’ll want to spend lots of time in the north end.

I just found this lil pumpkin so cute when we walked past it… on that lil green chair!
I’m obviously obsessed with all the colourful houses around the city.

While our cross-city stroll was mostly aimless, we had a small goal in mind: check out a market at 2 Crows Brewing Co downtown. Something I love about craft breweries is how they are like mini community centres, more than just a place to get a drink. Breweries host community events, welcome dogs and babies, and give people a friendly place to connect and share experiences. They’re so much fun!

And on Saturday, 2 Crows Brewing Co (on Brunswick St) was doing just that… hosting a BIPOC Makers Market for the community, as part of their new beer launch celebrations. The new beer, Good News, is a collaboration with Change is Brewing Co, a collective that is promoting diversity and inclusion in Nova Scotia’s craft beer, food and service industries. Really important work.

One of the vendors was selling chutneys, hot sauce and delicious beef patties.

So to show our support, Nick and I popped in to check out the market and try the new beer. There were vendors selling art, like beautiful handwoven wall hangings, and food. We bought a couple beef patties to warm us up on that damp day; they were so delicious and flavourful. We also bought a pint of Good News and sat out on the patio to try it out. The new beer is easy to drink, fruity and very pretty… I can’t get over how vibrant that red is!

Look how pretty and red Good News is. It tasted so good too!

I really love that it’s almost November and places are keeping their patios open, rain or shine. If you bundle up, it’s a nice way to have some fun and support local business during these tougher times.

After the beer, we took a stroll down to the waterfront. It was so quiet, probably because the weather wasn’t great. But the quiet made for a peaceful walk along the water, our new front yard in a week (can you tell I’m stoked?!). And even downtown on the greyest day, the fall colours are beautiful!

I love that this is going to be my new neighbourhood in a few days.

Our loop around the city brought us back to the north end. I am obsessed with Agricola Street, I want to spend a full afternoon there exploring the little boutiques.

Our final stop was on Robie Street, at Good Robot Brewing Co, where we wanted to buy a few of their Beep and Moon Mist Fizz drinks for the evening. We learned that they started making these hard seltzers after seeing how popular White Claw had become… and they did a great job! Unfortunately, the Moon Mist had literally just sold out, so we’ll have to come back in a month or so, when they have it back in stock.

So funny and quirky… Good Robot Brewing is a really cool little spot.

The Beep Fizz was a tasty, light drink to enjoy on Saturday evening. It’s low in calories, not sweet at all, and very fizzy (which I love). I think it would be a very good summer drink, but also a nice lighter beverage to enjoy as we get into the holiday season with heavier foods on the way.

More quirky art from Good Robot. Love it!

We walked a total of 14km on Saturday! I actually wore holes into my socks haha. But we had a great time, despite the weather and our sore feet.

I’m really excited to keep exploring events in our community, and hopefully in more parts of the east coast as we get settled in. A few events I’m looking forward to in the coming days and weeks are:

P.S. If there are any fun events on the east coast that you’re looking forward to in Nov/Dec, please share in the comments!

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