Life Lately: Moving to Downtown Halifax!

Well, it’s been a minute since I last blogged. And that is because things have been BUSY.

On November 1, Nick, Richard (our kitty) and I finally moved into our new place in downtown Halifax… after a month and a half of living with our parents! It was really nice living at home and catching up with our families after being apart since December 2019, but we were really ready for our own space by the end of October.

Our first “meal” in the new apartment: flatbread from Arthur’s Urban Market!
This was the first chaotic day in the new apartment. If you can see, my laptop and textbooks are setup in the corner as I’m trying to do school in the disarray. Lol!
Richard getting comfy amongst the boxes.

So, for the past few weeks, we have been slowly but steadily unpacking, organizing and getting the apartment cozy and ready for the long winter ahead. We’ve also been exploring Halifax a TON. I’ve been going for daily walks to get to know the neighbourhood, plus keeping an eye on all the festive lights and Christmas trees going up all over the city. The holidays are going to be so cute in Halifax!

I’m mostly certain this little house thing was built just for Instagram, but it’s festive so I’m here for it.
Stunning fall views on a walk to Point Pleasant Park.
Twinkle lights along Bedford Row in downtown Halifax.

In addition to the big move, my school workload has PICKED UP. It’s been five years since I graduated university, so I definitely forgot how heavy November tends to be for deadlines. Not only that, but this college program is staggered; we started with only three courses in September, and now have five on the go until the December break.

But no matter how busy school gets, I LOVE living the student life again… for me, it feels a lot different and more meaningful the second time around. Also, calling into class from the couch with a hot coffee in hand is a definite bonus.

Study break with a hot tea on Citadel Hill.

Regardless of how busy things have been, it’s all been very positive and I am super grateful to be studying from the safety of our new home during this pandemic. I also feel so lucky that things fell into place for our move back in September, because even though it will be a rough winter, it’s going to be way more bearable for us close to family in Halifax than far away in Toronto.

Bundle up, folks! It’s going to be a long one this year.

So that’s just a little life update. It’s also a warm-up post for me, because it’s been a few weeks (or more?) since I last wrote for the blog. Stay tuned for more posts related to life in Halifax, the holidays during a pandemic, and close-to-home adventuring, all coming soon!

P.S. What kind of blog content do you want to see on here? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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