Halifax Burger Week 2020 Reviews and Ratings!

So I thought four burgers in ten days was my limit. I even had this post ready to go for Friday, but apparently with Halifax Burger Week, anything can happen!

Case in point. I have a few burger enthusiasts in my life.

Halifax Burger Week has been running since 2013, and somehow, this is the first one I’ve participated in. Let me tell you, it’s been a lot of fun. Not just for the burger and fries, but it’s been a great way to discover new restaurants, support local business and Feed NS, and connect with the community. I feel like it’s hard to find anyone in Halifax right now who hasn’t had a Burger Week burger in the last ten days.

But if you haven’t had the chance to try a burger yet this week and you’re looking for a recommendation on the last day, look no further. I’ve wrapped up Burger Week with a whopping five burgers (not even that much compared to some people haha!), and I’m sharing my thoughts below in case you need some inspiration.

Burgers listed from least favourite (but not bad) to best!

5. Hawaiian BBQ Veggie Burger – Heartwood

Cost: $9.00 ($1.00 to Feed NS)

I really wanted to try this Hawaiian BBQ Veggie Burger before the week ended! The mix of needing a break from beef, and really loving grilled pineapple made this burger from Heartwood appealing. And although it wasn’t my favourite vegetarian burger, it was pretty good!

The burger is comprised of: a black bean patty with grilled pineapple, sweet BBQ sauce, an onion ring and Swiss cheese. The pineapple and BBQ flavours did come through, but I think it could have been a bit better if the bun had been thinner. I found it overpowered the tasty flavours from the toppings. That being said, a solid burger and Heartwood had quick preparation times for takeout.

4. Hop Mama – Hopyard Beer Bar

Cost: $15.00 ($1.00 to Feed NS)

This big Hop Mama burger was my last burger of the week! I think I was on the verge of burger burnout by the time I was eating this one, but it was a solid burger with Korean-inspired flavours. I also really liked that this burger had a little bit of a zing to it.

The toppings include: two beef patties, a housemade BBQ glaze, bulgogi bacon, cider mustard, dill pickle chips (yes, CHIPS!), jalapeno popper spread, lettuce all on a brioche bun, and a side of kimchi Velveeta sauce. I put most of the sauce on my burger, but it’s actually pretty good for dipping fries as well. The burger doesn’t come with fries, but we did delivery on this one so we cooked some up in the oven as a side.

Overall, a tasty, saucy burger, and probably even better if you eat it at the restaurant. It unfortunately just wasn’t as delicious for me as some of the other burgers I tried earlier in the week.

3. Chipotle Ranch Strip Cheese – Agricola Street Brasserie

Cost: $16.00 ($3.00 to Feed NS)

The Chipotle Ranch Strip Cheese burger at Agricola Street was our first burger of the week, and our first time at a restaurant since the pandemic started. So it was an exciting day, and a really nice experience at a cozy north end restaurant.

The burger was dripping in sauce, and really flavourful. It included: a house-ground beef patty with maple chipotle candied bacon, beer cheese sauce, BBQ ranch, lettuce, pickles and crispy onion. And wow, the side of fries were GOOD. Hot, salty, almost like fast food. I would go back to Agricola Street just for the fries, if I’m being honest.

My only major critiques about this Burger Week feature were that it was a touch well done for my taste (that’s just a preference thing, though), and the bun should have been heated a touch. If you can’t tell, the bun really affects my experience with the burger. Otherwise, the burger, fries, restaurant experience (AND the Propeller IPA on the side) were great and I definitely recommend!

2. The Russian Reuben Burger – Cheesecurds

Cost: $12.95 ($1.00 to Feed NS)

Okay, I had zero expectations going into this burger. We were ordering takeout, and it was nearby and not too busy so we put in an order. And HOLY was it good.

The Russian Reuben has: a beef patty covered in smoked meat, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Russian dressing on a garlic-buttered brioche bun. The smoked meat on the patty makes the burger extra moist and so flavourful. The bun is the perfect size and consistency for the amount of burger and toppings. And although you can get additional toppings, I would only go with those that automatically come with the Burger Week feature.

An additional bonus of this burger: it comes with fries! I definitely recommend trying Cheesecurds’ Russian Reuben Burger if you’re looking for a good, meaty burger for takeout.

1. Gochu Big Burger – Brooklyn Warehouse

Cost: $15.00 ($1.00 to Feed NS)

This. This. This. I loved this Gochu Big Burger and I think it’s a must-have Burger Week feature. So if you have only one choice tonight before it’s all over, try this one!

Brooklyn Warehouse’s burger features local ingredients: two Getaway Farm beef patties, gochujang mushroom cheese sauce, Nova Scotia bacon, house-made kimchi, iceberg lettuce and lemongrass aioli on a Stone Hearth bun. It has a tiny kick to it, but not enough if you’re sensitive to spice.

The burger was perfectly cooked – so moist – and the variety of toppings combined created mouthwatering flavours. I also love that everything at the restaurant is local (including the craft beer on tap that paired perfectly with their burger), cozy, and socially-distanced.

I am so excited to have taken part in Halifax Burger Week for the first time! It was such a nice introduction to the city’s many delicious restaurants. And now… it’s time to prepare myself for TACO WEEK starting November 12th. Who’s going?!

P.S. Did you take part in Halifax Burger Week this year? Share your favourite burger in the comments below!

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