Winter Weekend Road Trip in Cumberland County

This past weekend, Nick and I joined two of our friends for a little winter getaway a few hours from Halifax. The main goal of our trip was to enjoy a ski day at Wentworth, but we also found some time to explore Pugwash, the little corner of Nova Scotia where our Airbnb was located.

Photo opp at the top of the hill!

It was a really fun and refreshing weekend away from the city! And a note for anyone reading this who is not from Nova Scotia: we currently have no community spread and very few COVID cases here, which is why we can safely travel (as long as we do so responsibly).

And now, let’s jump right into all the fun details of our trip…


We piled into our friends’ car after work on Friday evening, and started the two-ish hour drive to Pugwash in Cumberland County. It felt like a pretty long drive, and by the time we arrived at our Airbnb, we were all super hungry. Thankfully, I had prepared dinner at home so we just had to heat it up.

But before eating, obviously we had to explore every corner of the little house and fight over the bedrooms. I’ll share a little bit about our Airbnb…

Look at that cute blue door.

Our home for the weekend was a sweet little house on 155 Albert Street, right in the heart of Pugwash. It had a seaside, beachy vibe, and was super cozy, yet totally spacious enough for two couples.

Sunny little entrance to the Airbnb.

Entering through the side door led to a small room with a washer and dryer, and hooks for all our outdoor things. From there, the kitchen and dining room space were next; a very bright, open space that led to a deck in the backyard. We spent a lot of time in this space as a group.

I love staying in Airbnbs vs. hotel rooms because it’s nice to have the option to cook.
Spent a lot of time together at that table sharing meals, drinking coffee and doing the crossword.

To the left of the kitchen/dining room was a cozy little living room and one bedroom with a double bed, and to the right were the bathroom and another bedroom with a double bed that had a single bunk bed on top.

There were beachy blue accents all over the house, including the fridge!

The Airbnb did not have WiFi, which we didn’t realize when we confirmed our stay… maybe we should have realized, but I think we all assumed that, by now, a place would make it pretty clear if they did not have WiFi. Either way, I think having no internet access actually made the weekend better… less screens and more together time.

The cozy living room caught all the morning sunlight and was the perfect place for board games or reading.

Other than that, our experience was pretty good. The cost was also quite low, considering the space and the great location. It was also very clean, which is super important. A few things were missing (like oil) that the description included on Airbnb, but I would personally stay there again.

If you’re interested in checking the place out for your next ski trip or weekend getaway, you can see it here.

Brought my favourite soup from Yum & Yummer – italian sausage, white bean and spinach – with a beer from Meander Farm & Brewery for Friday dinner. Plus a fresh baguette from The Old Apothecary!

Anyway, after settling into our Airbnb for the weekend, we devoured the soup and TOA baguette I brought, and played some board games until bedtime. The game Codenames has been such a winner for small group gatherings during the pandemic. We didn’t want to stay up too late, so we went to bed pretty early in order to hit the slopes first thing!


Saturday was our big ski day at Wentworth. My friend, Beth, and I got up pretty early to get the coffee and breakfast prep under way. It was such a cozy, slow winter morning in the little house. I even snuck in a little time to work on the Globe & Mail Christmas edition crossword (haha yes still working on it).

Morning coffee and the crossword.

Beth made some delicious oatmilk lattes for us, but I also wanted to check out Sheryl’s Bakery & Cafe, just a short walk away. So I popped over and picked up some more coffee as well as DELICIOUS cinnamon buns for the group… if you end up in Pugwash at some point, be sure to try a cinnamon bun from Sheryl’s. The bakery is also right on the water, so I bet it’s nice to sit out with your coffee and treat there in the warmer months!

Sheryl’s Bakery & Cafe was just a 7 minute walk from the Airbnb!
I have such a weakness for freshly baked cinnamon buns.

After breakfast, the four of us got in the car and made the 25 minute drive to Wentworth for our big ski day. The hill was fairly busy and lineups were long because, during COVID, only “households” can go on the ski lift together. It’s nice to be with your own group, but definitely expect longer lines than in non-COVID times if you go skiing.

Getting our ski boots on!

We started on the bunny hill, and did NOT wipe out. So then we attempted our first actual hill… at least one of us DID wipe out. Because the easiest hill was closed due to conditions, the jump from bunny hill to next easiest hill was fairly steep for those with less experience skiing. It was still great though, and a beautiful sunny day.

At the top of the hill before our first run.

For lunch, we got cafeteria food in the lodge… I obviously had poutine. I will say though, the poutine there isn’t great, which is saying something because I’m not especially picky when it comes to anything with fries. I just can’t feel good about five cheese curds on a large container of fries, unfortunately. Anyway, now I know!

Lookin’ like pros.

We skied for several more hours, then trekked back to Pugwash for dinner and to relax. By the time we got home, it was nearly sunset and I knew there was a nice seaside park that faced west. So naturally, I dragged Nick for the ten minute walk to Eaton Park to watch the sunset and to check out the cute little boardwalk.

The Eaton Park boardwalk at sunset in Pugwash.

Pugwash is a pretty sleepy town, at least in the winter, but if you’re there, this park is a nice, peaceful place to stroll. There was no one around, and the view of the setting sun was beautiful. I’m sure in the summer when people are staying, it’s busier.

Beth and I kicked the guys’ butts at crib! Also, we tried these Bulwark vodka sodas and they were so light and refreshing.

Once we got back to the Airbnb, dinner was ready. We spent another evening with a few tasty drinks and loads of board games before an early bedtime.


Sunday was our last day, and checkout was at 11am. Once again, we woke up nice and early, and eased into the day with the crossword and an oatmilk latte. I can’t believe how much I love oatmilk lattes after this weekend.

Sunrise from our doorstep.

The sunrise was visible from the house, and it was nice to pop out with coffee to watch. I love how quiet and fresh the air is first thing in the morning in Pugwash.

Tasty breakfast for our last morning in Pugwash.

After breakfast, we all popped out for a quick walk before our car ride back to the city; it’s easy to see a most of “downtown” Pugwash in just a short walk, actually.

I wanted to go see the lighthouse at Pugwash Point as well, but we ran out of time to get there as it’s a bit further out from the town. So, Nick and I branched off from our friends and popped over to the beach at the end of Water Street for a stroll. We could actually see the lighthouse from there so my FOMO decreased a touch, lol.

Morning beach stroll… so crisp and sunny!

I would love to explore more of Cumberland County in the summer, and stop back in Pugwash to see what the vibe is like during that season. It was dead quiet in February, so I’m really curious what people get up to there throughout the summer!

Camera timers for the win! Last pic of the weekend.

And that’s pretty much our entire weekend getaway! Lots of fresh air, good food and board games. Like I said, it was nice to get away from the city for a weekend, and I feel super grateful that it’s safe enough to go on little trips in Nova Scotia right now. I also love exploring smaller towns on the east coast, and supporting some of the local businesses there. Can’t wait for more road tripping fun soon.

P.S. Where is your favourite place to go for a winter road trip? Let me know in the comments!

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