Christmas Music 4 Local Business: Interview with Uptown Spa & Salon

I was fortunate to have the chance to learn about Uptown Salon and Spa and everything they offer our Halifax community during another Christmas Music 4 Local Business interview. This chic salon and spa is located in the Hydrostone, and is owned by Jenny Zinck, a local to Halifax’s north end.

Like many other industries, businesses in the beauty industry have had their fair share of challenges in 2020. Keep reading this Uptown Salon and Spa interview to see some of Jenny’s challenges and lessons from running a salon and spa during 2020, as well as the great parts about being a small business in Halifax.

The community has supported me through this time. I am forever grateful.

jenny zinck

Can you tell me a little bit about Uptown Salon and Spa?

We are a salon and spa in the north end of Halifax. We offer all hair and esthetic services, including waxing, lash lifts, lash extensions, and more.

Beauty products for hair and body can also be purchased at Uptown Salon and Spa, including locally-made products like Bailly fragrances.

What do you love about being a small business in Halifax?

We love our community! I grew up in this neighborhood so I love giving back to this community, and they have supported me through this time. I am forever grateful.

What has been the biggest challenge running a salon and spa business in the midst of a pandemic? 

First and foremost, maintaining the safety of my staff and amazing clients has been a challenge. We have worked really hard, and have taken the proper steps and followed all guidelines to keep everyone safe.

We have worked really hard to keep everyone safe.

jenny Zinck

Working at only 70% capacity and meeting all my financial commitments was also a challenge. I am very grateful for all the help the government is giving.

Can you share something you’ve learned from running a business in 2020?

That everything I have built could have been gone….and things could change in a moment.
As well as patience, and how grateful I am for my amazing staff!

If you haven’t seen the Christmas Music 4 Local Business music video featuring Uptown Salon and Spa, check it out here! Uptown Salon and Spa is also doing an awesome giveaway with Better in Boxes until December 23 at 6pm. So, check out the music video to join in for a chance to win a lil something for all your holiday self-care and luxury food needs!

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