Christmas Music 4 Local Business: An Interview with Lindsay Misiner & Shaky White

Just two days ago, Lindsay Misiner, a local musician, approached me asking to partner with her on an initiative – Christmas Music 4 Local Business – that she had thought up overnight. Lindsay had been looking for ways to make her annual Christmas songs more meaningful this year, and created a beautiful initiative using music to emphasize the importance of supporting local. More than ever, it is so important to support the local businesses that make our community special and unique.

So Lindsay reached out to fellow local musician, Shaky White, to join her in recording four Christmas music videos, all of which feature a different Nova Scotia business. Each video will drop on a different day over the next two weeks leading up to Christmas.

And to accompany the videos, I will be posting four interviews on the blog with the featured businesses that reveal, in their own words, what makes them special, their challenges of running a business in 2020 and how our community can support them right now.

Supporting Local is important as we are small businesses ourselves as musicians, so we understand the need to support each other.

Shaky white

But to kick off this awesome initiative, I started with the creators… an interview with Lindsay Misiner and Shaky White. Keep reading to learn about our musicians’ stories, how the Christmas Music 4 Local Business initiative came to life, and how they each try to support local in their own lives.

Tell me a bit about yourself and how you got into music.

Lindsay: At 24 years of age, it’s safe to say I’ve been a professional musician for 10+ years, but destined to be a musician my entire life.  I was born with the gift of music and I truly feel as if it is my duty to use my gift for good. My values as a musician range from supporting mental health initiatives, to body positivity initiatives, to now, supporting local businesses this year through the Christmas Music 4 Local Business initiative!

Shaky: I grew up in a musical household, with my Dad being a musician; I was around it from a very young age and knew this is what I wanted to do. I began playing in local bands in New Brunswick, and then moved to Halifax where I started sessions playing for many local musicians, and was able to solidify my career in music. I’ve played and toured with artists such as Christine Campbell, TJ King, Chris Buck Band, Ben Chase, Farewell Town, and Andy Bast. I look forward to what’s to come musically, and I’m super excited about this project!

What inspired the CM4LB initiative?

Lindsay: I usually put out Christmas covers each year for family and friends, but I knew that this year, there was more weight to my annual sing along.  I began thinking of ways to incorporate something local, and came up with reaching out to local businesses asking for a partnership. This would be a simple partnership where I’d share a demo of their product at the end of my Christmas videos to simply let people know I believe in these businesses and want to support them, simply because I wanted to. 

Photo by Sarah Davison.

It then grew into way more than I could have ever expected in less than 12 hours, so much so, that these businesses participating wanted to take part in a giveaway to the viewers of the videos. This is when Christmas Music 4 Local Business was born! 

I began my insane entrepreneurial rampage through as many Nova Scotian news outlets as I could, and landed a segment on Global News on Monday, December 14th (8:20am) to showcase this initiative and the local businesses that we have partnered with. The goal is for this to become an annual thing, and possibly span into other holidays.

Can you talk a little bit about how CM4LB is going to work?

Lindsay: Myself and local musician Shaky White will be recording four videos including some favorite Christmas tunes! At the end of each video, we will take some time to showcase products from the four local businesses who have agreed to take part this year. These businesses are Bulwark Cider, Uptown Salon and Spa, Better in Boxes, and Dip & Balls. 

Because these businesses are just so great, they have all agreed to take part in a giveaway where one lucky winner per video will receive an amazing gift pack from each business! To be a part of the giveaways, all you have to do is follow the instructions in the caption of the videos posted to my Facebook and Instagram (@lindsaymisiner)! Winners will be drawn 3-5 days out from the original date of the video posting.

Why do you feel like supporting local is important?

Lindsay: Local is everything. Halifax is the most special city in the world because of our love for the arts and how we have intertwined this love with local businesses year after year, with examples such as Evergreen Festival which has just come out this year supporting local musicians, artists, businesses and more!

Halifax is the most special city in the world because of our love for the arts and how we have intertwined this love with local businesses year after year.

lindsay misiner

It is important that we all take part in supporting local whether it’s buying an album from your favorite local band, buying a coffee from the sweet shop on the corner, buying jewelry from your favorite studio, or even sharing a post from a local business encouraging others to check it out! 

By supporting local, we are building and solidifying the amazing community that is Halifax, especially during these times, into the amazing band of East Coast folk we are! 

Local musician, Shaky White.

Shaky: Supporting Local is important as we are small businesses ourselves as musicians, so we understand the need to support each other.

How do you support local in your life?

Lindsay: Much of my life was spent not buying local because I thought that I couldn’t afford it. This is actually a common misconception that I’ve recently overcome. You don’t have to break the bank to support local, that is a fact. When I began to understand the impact of supporting local, I was able to modify my spending habits to ensure that buying local was a part of my life. 

You don’t have to break the bank to support local, that is a fact.

lindsay misiner

Today, I ensure that I head down to the market at least once a Month for groceries (minimum), I save for handcrafted jewelry from Forged Coast Goldsmith instead of buying fast fashion that was made in a warehouse, I ask my family members that own businesses what they have available whenever I can. I do my best with the means and resources I have available, and my best is great because I am aware of the impact!

Shaky: I buy local and support as much as possible. This ranges from groceries to musical instruments and buying local musicians’ albums and merch/tickets.

Follow @lindsaymisiner and @shakywhite on Instagram or Facebook, and watch for their Christmas music videos to drop on Dec 12, 16, 19 and 22.

You can also follow the businesses – Bulwark Cider, Dip & Balls, Better in Boxes and Uptown Salon and Spa – on Instagram or Facebook to show them support and stay tuned for their exciting giveaways this month.

And of course, keep an eye out for the interviews with each business to drop on East Coast Blog over the next two weeks 🙂 Thanks for your support, and thanks for supporting local this year.

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