A Valentine’s Day Adventure at Shubie Park.

I just want to start off by saying how nice it is to have a long weekend in the middle of February. After the long, dark month of January, it was so nice to have a cozy weekend to relax and hang with family.

And as you may know, Nick and I don’t have a car, so we love going on transit-accessible adventures and day trips as much as possible! So that is exactly what we did on Valentine’s Day this year.

Lil Valentine’s Day adventure together in Shubie Park.

We started the day with delicious crêpes delivered from Portland Street Crêperie. Let me just say, if you want a tasty brunch, try out this local Dartmouth restaurant! We tried the Bon Matin breakfast crêpe, the Abby pulled pork crêpe (their HFX Dine Around feature) and the Fruit Salsa sweet crêpe. All three were delicious and the perfect combo for a V’day Brunch.

We tried three yummy crêpes from Portland Street Crêperie.

And on a side note, what I extra love about Portland Street Crêperie is that they use HaliHUB for their delivery service. HaliHUB is a local delivery service created by people from the Halifax food industry who don’t like how much big companies like Uber Eats rip off local restaurants. So this local delivery service is more ethical and more supportive of our local restaurants… I love that!

Anyway, after brunch, Nick and I wanted to go for a walk somewhere new. So, we jumped on the 10 bus to Mic Mac Mall. From the mall, we walked just a few minutes down Micmac Blvd and arrived at the Shubie Park Trailhead, at the end of the Blvd by Highway 111.

The trail to Shubie Park starts at the end of Micmac Blvd by the 111.

The trail was really pretty and well maintained, considering all the snow we’ve had lately. It’s a little bit loud because the trail runs along the highway for the most part, but there some quieter areas with rivers running nearby. So soothing.

Cheesin’ on the trail to Shubie Park.

After walking the trail for 20 to 30 minutes, we finally arrived at Shubie Park. Nick and I first walked through the off leash paths, and there were so many doggos. If you’re not a fan of dogs, maybe don’t walk through this area… but we loved it!

Wintery views in the park.

Like the trail leading to the park, the paths at Shubie Park were easy enough to walk, although most were covered in snow still. I love how the park is in the middle of the woods, for the most part, so it’s very peaceful and scenic.

This canal runs along one side of Shubie Park all the way to Micmac Lake.

Throughout Shubie Park, there are so many nice water views, which I love. Along one side of the park, there is a canal that flows into Lake Micmac. And in certain parts of the park, there are pretty views of the lake, as well as benches along the waterfront to take a break. We also passed a pond with so many ducks (and one poor misfit pigeon) in the middle of the park.

Look at all these ducks haha!

I can’t believe I haven’t been to Shubie Park before! It’s so close and so nice to stroll through. There were definitely lots of people out – to be expected on the Sunday of a long weekend – but the trails were spacious enough to pass people and keep some distance between us and others.

Stumbled upon this lil house in a tree. So cute!

Between the trail and the park, we spent around one hour wandering and it was lovely. We left the park out of the main parking lot and walked down Waverley Road towards the Alderney ferry. The bus to the mall earlier had been pretty busy, which makes me a bit nervous during “these times”, so we thought the ferry might be a better option (it was) for getting home.

Spacious, snowy paths throughout Shubie Park.

If you do decide to transit to and from Shubie Park, there is also a bus (the 55) that can pick you up along Waverley Road just a few minutes outside the park, and drop you close to Alderney Landing. It doesn’t come super often, though, so you have to time it well!

So that’s how Nick and I spent our Valentine’s Day this past weekend. It was so nice to enjoy some yummy local food and to explore a new park close by. Can’t wait to go back to Shubie Park again sometime soon!

P.S. Do you have a favourite transit-accessible park or hike? Let me know in the comments below!

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